The 3 Big Social Media platforms you aren’t on… Are your competitors? ????️


Hopefully, you're no longer wondering whether or not social media is important for your business. Consider how all-encompassing the internet has become when it comes to our daily lives, and now consider that almost everyone online has some sort of social media presence. Social media has become arguably the most important way people communicate, but it's just as important for your business as well for building awareness and a brand, connecting with customers, driving traffic, boosting SEO - the sky is almost literally the limit. But did you know there are actually hundreds - yes, hundreds - of popular social media platforms? We all know about the top four (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter), but there are plenty of others that if you don't know about, you probably should. Let's take a look at three huge social media platforms that can also be used for your business:

1. Reddit

Facebook is the clear winner in the popularity stakes, with 1.7 billion (yes, billion) monthly viewers, followed by YouTube (1 billion), Instagram (500 million) and Twitter (313 million). But not too far behind Twitter is Reddit (234 million monthly visitors), which is an online community based on the users' ability to discuss and vote on content that is the most important to them. For your business, it's a great place to interact with your customers, encourage discussions, provide helpful tips and news and create a community or 'sub-Reddit'.

2. Tiktok

The latest trends in social media are short, loopy videos - so welcome to Tiktok! For your business, use it to deliver snappy messages about your product or service, thrill your audience by expressing your creativity, and widen your reach with incredibly shareable content.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is also a hugely popular social media platform, with 115 million users per month. Basically, it's all about blogging, and it is regarded as the platform of choice among younger people as they share and customise through text, photo, links, music - you name it. Businesses can also share creative and fun content on Tumblr, but it's also a great place to target demographics and build awareness with sponsored posts and detailed analytics. Get in touch with Social Status on 1800 776 740 to find out how we can boost your brand's social status today!

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