Drowning in leads but cooking the conversion?

Lots of leads, no sales: 4 things that may be going wrong Question time! Ask yourself which of these scenarios you would prefer: Scenario #1: No leads and no sales Scenario #2: Lots of leads and no sales? While Scenario #1 may seem worse, it’s actually Scenario #2 that is

Turn your web traffic into cold, hard cash

You have plenty of website traffic but they aren’t buying In some ways, this problem can relate to situations you’d find in a bricks and mortar store. Let’s examine how such factors can apply to an online shopping experience. Footfall leading to disappointment and confusion You’ll have visited many stores,

Turn your landing page into a money magnet

Getting the most from your landing pages Explaining how for many brands, they could actually replace the website as the go-to online catchment area for potential customers. In this article, we will look a little closer at landing pages, and ask how we can optimise them. A simple, uncluttered layout

Polish Up Your Sales Skills with These Tips

Leads are flowing but you’re not making sales – 4 Sales Tips Turning those leads into sales You’re getting great results on Google Analytics: people are reading your page, the bounce rate is low, and the time spent on page is impressive. But you don’t seem to be getting any