Every business owner knows that the secret to getting more traffic lies in search engine optimisation (SEO). However, there is much more to social media advertising than simply stuffing your website with keywords and phrases. Dramatically increase your customer base and sales by following these simple SEO tips.

#1 Optimise your strategy

Although social media is a big part of our lives, it can still feel fairly new to some businesses. So, it’s not enough to simply have a presence on social media channels. To optimise these pages, you need a clear strategy with well-defined objectives and goals. Each of these should solve consumer challenges.

#2 Research keywords

Truly impactful SEO is found through keyword research. So, invest some time in discovering which keywords and phrases your customers are searching for. This way, you can create relevant, engaging content specifically for them. This principle also applies to social media. Keyword research helps your business understand which keywords, topics and hashtags your followers use most often. Incorporating them into your content gives you a higher chance of being found when people look for your product category.

#3 Profile optimisation

Creating a social media profile seems deceptively simple. However, it’s an area where many businesses fall short. Think of your company’s profile as your “digital front door”. As the first thing people see, it should attract new and returning customers to your social pages. For a strong profile, ensure you include these:

Username: Use your company name so that customers can easily locate you.

Profile photo: Use your company logo (if you are a small or large business). If you’re a freelance contractor, you can use a headshot.

Bio: Give a concise statement (including keywords, if possible) about what your company does for its customers.

#4 Content optimisation

The key to a successful social media presence is quality content. A successful strategy should feature both original and curated content (explained below).

Original content: Specifically produced by your business, original content includes blogs, social media posts, website content, hashtags and more.

Curated content: This content is created by external sources outside of your company. For optimal results, ensure any content you share is valuable and relevant to your audience.

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