How a bit of ad spend can skyrocket your socials

The term organic has become a badge of honour in social media marketing. Essentially, it suggests the use of unpaid social media posts to reach out to prospects as well as customers and seeing a return on investments. Although this remains a possibility, it’s a steep climb. As a result,


Every business owner knows that the secret to getting more traffic lies in search engine optimisation (SEO). However, there is much more to social media advertising than simply stuffing your website with keywords and phrases. Dramatically increase your customer base and sales by following these simple SEO tips. #1 Optimise

Plenty of traffic but leads aren’t buying? Here’s 3 tips on ecommerce conversion rate best practice

You’ve got great products, an eCommerce website that’s easy to navigate and lots of traffic. Unfortunately, the traffic it’s been generating is nothing more than just window shoppers. Sales are at best a trickle and infrequent too. Conversion seems to be very elusive and disillusionment with your online business is

Social Media Leads Not Converting? There’s still hope!

Generating leads is the easier part; converting them into paying customers is more challenging. Amongst others, it’ll test your entrepreneurial acumen as well as people skills. With marketing technology, fortunately, this doesn’t require you to go knocking from meeting to meeting. While converting leads hasn’t necessarily become easier, you can

How to set social media objectives

In 2019, there were 3.5 billion users of social media (1). Establishing a social media presence sits right at the top of every business’ agenda. Without it, a business stands to lose a large chunk of its target audience. Unfortunately, many small businesses continue to struggle with social media marketing.

How to use social media to increase sales

If you’ve been using social media to drive awareness and engagement, it’s time to switch to a higher gear. When appropriately used, social media can be the perfect platform to increase sales. Given the amount of time people spend on social media, about 144 minutes (1), it’s a missed opportunity

Why email marketing is an essential addition to any digital marketing strategy

Here’s the most important fact you’ll need to take note of: 4.25 billion people will have 1.86 million email accounts by 2022 (1). As a marketer, that’s a treasure chest you can’t ignore. Although some have argued against the efficacy of email marketing, the fact remains 127.6 trillion emails will

Leads are flowing but you’re not making sales: 4 tips to convert leads

Leads are valuable only when they become paying customers. It can be frustrating when your social media lead generation activities don’t result in sales. Over time, you’ll lose confidence in the effectiveness of your marketing. In this post, we share 4 tips you can try to convert leads. 1. Offer